Sunday, 25 August 2019

August 25, 2019

The motivation

Hello friends welcome to my website.
There are many ups and downs are coming in the life of people there are many challenges we faces everyday in our life there are many others this that comes in our life everyday.There are alot of people who fails to complete these challenges there are alot of people who fall down when he faces these everyday life challenges.There are alot of people who lost hope that we can't get success in life.
But when someone fail,when someone fall they to want to didn't lose hope they want to did not lose hope and they want to didn't lose courage.
Because every successful person's behind alot of failure when someone fall they wanted to more and more struggle and life and they wanted to doesn't lose hope.
When someone struggle in life they didn't fall we want to didn't lose hope, courage because when someone struggle they didn't fall down.
So we want to more and more struggle in life one day we will rise

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

August 14, 2019

How to control deforestation

Hello friends welcome to my blog,
In today's blog we discuss that how to control deforestation.
In today's era deforestation is one of the major problem.
Due to deforestation we faces poluttion and many others big problems.
Due to deforestation our gloab faces today one of the big and major problem of global warming which is in controlled.the only way to control gloabl warming is to planted more and more tress.
So how to control deforestation.
1) first way is that awareness among the people that how the trees are important for our life.
2)gave people jobs chances due to job people dont cut trees.
3)need more and more plants 

Monday, 12 August 2019

August 12, 2019


Hello friends welcome to my blog.
In today's blog I am going to tell you about that how to hack Facebook account.
So let's started the blog
Friends, people use a lot of fack methods that how to hack Facebook account just for views.But in this blog I share the only and best method for the hacking of Facebook.
There are alot of website found in android phone which is use for the hacking of Facebook but friends these all apps are fack.
The above link is the only website in which you can hack anyone Facebook account very easily and simply.The feebhax is a simple website and it is easily to use this website is only use for the hacking of visit to the above website and hack any one account easily and simply.feebhax settings is very easy and it is easily to be if someone want to hack anyone's account visit to the above link

Sunday, 11 August 2019

August 11, 2019

14 August Independence Day card

Pakistan Independence Day

14th August is celebrated as the independence day of Pakistan. On 14th August 1947 the English divided the than India into two countriies first being Pakistan and second Bharat. On 14th of August 1947 Lord Mountbatten the viceroy of India came to Karachi and gave charge of the new country Pakistan to its dynamic leader Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi Sindh Pakistan.
People in Pakistan celebrate independence day by hanging the Pakistani flag on their homes and children celebrate independence day with special programs in the schools. The government hosts special functions and get-togethers.


in 1906 when Muslims felt that Indian National congress, a party made to liberate India from the British was inclined towards hindu religion and was becoming a religion based party Muslims felt that there was a need to start a new party that will take the cause of Muslims. Quaid E Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah joined the new part after 2 years and became the leader of the party under the leadership of Quaid E Azam in 1940 a resolution was passed in Lahore where it was decided that all those parts of India where there is majority of Muslims there will be a separate country and will be called Pakistan (Meaning Pure Land)
On 6th of June 1947 English held a referendum in the then India and decided all those parts of India where there was majority of Muslims should become Pakistan and on 14th of August this dream of Mr. Jinnah came true and a new country came to being on the map of the world.
In 1948 Jinnah became sick and died while going to Karachi for hospital from Ziarat. He had TB. Liaqat Ali Khan became the prime minister of Pakistan after the death of Jinnah who was shot dead in Rawalpindi by a professional killer who was also shot dead by the local police.
Since the death of Liaqat Ali Khan Pakistan has been subject to religious language and provincial prejudices and has been declining ever since.

Azadi Day Cards

Some sad facts

Jinnah was the founder of Pakistan but soon after his death the country became prey of nepotism and was divided into languages Punjab being the most populated province became powerful and is now fully dominant.
So much so that none of Jinnah's relatives live in Pakistan this includes his daughter Veena Wadia and his driver Syed Shah Abdul Hayy both live in Bharat (India)
August 11, 2019

Best app for photo editor

Hello friends welcome to my blog.
In today's blog I am going to tell you about that what's is the best app for photos editor.
There are many apps in android mobile as well as iPhone for photos editor.
But today I wanted to share a brilliant app for the photos editor.
This app is PicsArt which is a free app and you download this app from playstore.this app is very simple and very easy for the Download this app quickly and edit some photos.
There are many tools found in this app like magic etc.
In which you can edit your photos very quickly.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

August 10, 2019

How to get more traffic on blog

Hello everyone,
In today's blog I am going to tell you that how can you get more traffic on your blog and making money easily and quickly.
So let's started
How to get more traffic on blog when you wrote something on your blog share your article on social media network for example Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr etc.
Then 2nd step is that,that you share your article on due to the use of quora you got more and more traffic on your blog.
I himself post my article on quora in which I got more and more views on my article.
Step number is that you share your article on Tumblr is one of the best website in which you can got more and more views.
August 10, 2019

How to approval Google AdSense account on blogger

Hello and welcome to everyone,
In today's blog I want to tell you about that how can you earn money from blogger very quickly.
So let's started
First of all you created blogger account Which is very necessary after creating blog download free theme for blog.
At number 3rd step you need to create sitemap for your blog after creating sitemap you need to buy a top level domain or download free domain from
After this step you wanted to create at least two pages i.e about us and contact us.
When you complete this process you need two post 25 or 30 post of 200 or 250 words.
You need two post everyday after this all process your adsenAd account will approval
August 10, 2019


Paralysis is a vascular disease of the brain.It occurs when either a blood clot is stuck in the fine blood vessels of the brain or due to high blood pressure.
The rupturing of a blood vessel of the brain occurs and blood oozes out in the brain.this causes the damage of the part of the brain.
This damage may be permanent or temporary.As a result the part of the body controlled by the affected part of the brain stops functioning and paralysis is resulted.

                       Doctors give medicine which dissolve the clot.The normal functioning and movement of the body may be restored by physiotherapy

Friday, 9 August 2019

August 09, 2019


Hello and Welcome to everyone,
In this blog i am going to tell you about weight that how to lose weight quickly.
over weight is one of the big problem for all the people they use many medicine for the losing of weight but the weight cant't be lose today i am sharing some tips with you and you lose your weight very quickly
The first tips is that drink more and more water
2)eat breakfast every day
3)control your environment
4)exercise daily
5)go for a walk every day
6)use more and more green tea
7)eat more vegetables
8)don't drink alcohol

August 09, 2019


Human Brain is the central organ of human nervous system,it is located in the head.
Brain is a complex organ.The Human brain is divide into three major parts 1) fore brain 2)mid brain 3)Hind brain
so in Today's blog we discuss the first part of Human brain
The first part of human brain is fore brain

                           Fore brain is the first and main part of the brain.It is the anterior part of the brain.It can further be differentiated into three functional parts.
The first part is the cerebrum,thalamus and limbic system.
Thalamus carries sensory information especially from eyes and ears and generally from skin.
Under the thalamus there lies hypothalamus which is the part of limbic system.
TO it is attached a very important gland of the body,the pitutary gland.
The limbic system is located in the arc between the thalamus and cerebrum.This system processes the response like hunger,thirst,fear,anger,pleasure and sexual response.Portion of limbic system is also important in the formation of memories.
cerebrum is the largest part of the brain.It is divide into two halves called cerebral hemispheres.These halves communicate with each other by means of a large band of axon,called corpus collosum.the outer region of the cerebrum called cerebral cortex.
It receives sensory information ,processes it,stores some in memory for future use,direct voluntary moments,and are responsible for intelligence,thinking,reasoning,and decision making.speech center is also present in this part of the brain which is unique to Human brain.

August 09, 2019

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin.Vitamin A may be obtained from green vegetables and fruits,fish,liver oil,eggs,butter,cheese etc.
Vitamin A is not found in plants as such.It is present in the form of pro vitamins.
Vitamin A combines with a protein called opsin to produce a light absorbing compound called rhodospine.

the main deficiency causes night blindness which is the inability of a person to see in dim light
August 09, 2019

How to download PUBG game?

hello and welcome to everyone
today i am going to tell you the simple way to download pubg mobile.
PUBG is one of the most popular game all over the gloab every person playes this game in mobile and PC.
Today in this blog i want to share the simple way to download PUBG mobile on your PC as well as on your mobile
so here is the link in which you can easily download the pubg mobile

First of all you need to download the apk of pubg mobile.When the apk is download then you can go to my files on your mobiles and downloads in your PC.
And then you open the file and install so the the pubg mobile download simpliy and quickly.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

August 08, 2019

What is half life?

The time interval in which half of the elements of parantel cell divide into daughter cells is called half life
It is a natural and spontaneous process in which half of the elements of a parantel cell divide into daughter cell is known as half life.

August 08, 2019

How can I level my hormone level

Here are the following ways in which you can level your hormones level
1) Eat enough protein at every meal
2)avoid sugar and carbs
3)Consume helathy fats
4)engage in regular exercise
5)Drink green tea
6)Eat fatty fish often
August 08, 2019

what is ozone?

Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen containing three chemically bonded oxygen atoms and its molecular formula is O3
The word ''ozone'' is derived from Greek word meaning smell and the name Ozone is was given due to its irritating odour.
Two forms of Oxygen are found in the stratosphere.Molecular oxygen which is made up two atoms of oxygen and ozone which is made of three oxygen atoms.
Ozone is formed when intensive ultraviolet radiation from the sun breaks down into two Oxygen atoms.These highly recative can then react with more to form ozone

There are some properties of ozone which are discuss as below
1) ozone is bluish in colour
2)it has a characteristic smell.
3)ozone is respiratory irritant
4)ozone causes rubber to harden and crack.
August 08, 2019

What is meant by organisational climate?

Organisational climate is related to the suitability and quality of environmental work.
organisational climate has to do with the support that employees feel they recive
from the organisation.
The organisational climate is a reflection of degree of employee motivation.

Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values and beliefs that governs how people behave in organizations. ... Organizational climate is much easier to experience and measure than organizational culture and also much easier to change.

August 08, 2019

Does insulin cause to gain weight

weight gain is a normal side effect of taking insulin.insulin helps you manage your body sugar by assisting your cell in absorbing glucose your were eliminate the extra glucose in your blood stream through your urine or it stay have in the blood

 here is the following ways in which you can avoid gain weight while taking insuline
1) eating and taking fewer calories.
2)Be physically
3)ask your doctor about other diabetes medication
4)take your insulin only as directed


appetite control understanding your Hunger hormones even though you are not physically hungry, your body gave you the signal to eat. That's the work of three hormones in your body that control hunger — insulin, ghrelin and leptin.

August 08, 2019

What is global warming?

The gradual changes occur in the temperature of earth is known is global warming.
Global warming is one of the most serious problem which faces the earth in today's era.
The gradual changes and increase occur in the temperature of earth due to natural and anthrapogenic activites is called global warming.
Anthrapogenic acticactiv is one of the major cause of global warming.Due to man made activites like the gas of auto mobiles,industrial gases etc are the major causes of global warming.
we can control global warming due to the use of the following ways.
1)we need to planted more and more trees.
2)we need to control industrial gases.
3)we need to control over population.
I only discuss the main problems of global warming that we need to control it but there are many more other causes of global warming.
August 08, 2019

Are sugar and carb are same thing

Hello to everyone,
Carbohydrate are sugars that come in two main form i.e simple and complex form.This is also referred to as simple sugar and starch.
And the difference between the simple and complex carb is that how quickly it is digested and absorbed as well as it's chemical structure.
August 08, 2019

What is psychology?

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour in which a person's thiught content is analyzed and his behaviour is assessed through direct observation or other psychological procedures..
Psychology is not only about the study of mind and behaviour but it also deals with different mental and behavioural problems that cause significant distress in an individual's life and provides appropriate psychological interventions.
Certain techniques of psychology focus on the faulty thought pattern of an individual and provides people with certain coping strategies so that an individual can have a better adjustment towards life and its problems.
August 08, 2019

Today's blog about swat

Aslam alicom dosto umaid hai app sab log kherayat se hongi ajj hum app ko Pakistan ki Switzerland ki Bari me batye ge

Swat Pakistan ke Soba Khyber pakhtoon khwa me
Me waqya hai swat ki Pakistan Ka Switzerland bhi Kaha Jata hai.

Swat me bohat khubsort wadya hai jesi kalam,bahrin,madian etc.

In Sab wadyo Mei kalam ko ek alahda hesyat hasal haii swat ki sab de popular lake mahodan lake bhi isse wadi kalam mei waqya hai.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

August 07, 2019

Pakistan mango festival held in Tokyo

A large number of guests including Japanese dignitaries, government functionaries, diplomats, members of civil society and media persons attended the event and had a first-hand experience of the taste and aroma of the famous Pakistani mangoes.
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Tokyo: As part of its public diplomacy activities and to further introduce and popularize Pakistani mangoes in Japan, the Embassy of Pakistan organized “Pakistan Mango Festival” in Tokyo.
A large number of guests including Japanese dignitaries, government functionaries, diplomats, members of civil society and media persons attended the event and had a first-hand experience of the taste and aroma of the famous Pakistani mangoes.
Welcoming the guests, Ambassador Imtiaz Ahmad stated that Pakistan with 2 million tons of yield was the 5th largest producer and the 3rd largest exporter of mangoes.
He proudly stated that mango is called the ‘King of Fruits’ and Pakistani mango is among the sweetest fruits on the face of the earth.
He informed the guests that Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan are known for growing over 200 main varieties of mangoes. He added that Over 100,000 tons of best quality mangoes of different varieties are exported from Pakistan to markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Far East.
Pakistan earns around $ 100 million annually from export of mangoes. He hoped that export of mangoes to japan will surge with more varieties of mangoes introduced in near future.
The guests attending the festival were served with fresh mangoes and mango cuts as well as wide-range of mango delicacies.
The guests thoroughly enjoyed the variety of dishes and hailed the unique and sweet taste of Pakistani Mangoes.
August 07, 2019

Best app for YouTube video editor

Hello friends umaid hai app sab log kherayat se honge ajj me app ke leye ek naye blog ke sath hazar ho.
Ajj ka blog hai video editor ke Bari me ajj mei app ko ek esi aur simple app ki Bari mei bataw GA Jess me zarye app asani se youtube kelye video edit Kar sakty hai
Iss simple app Ka nam openshot hai
Iss ap ke zarye app video ko Bari asani ke sath edit aur combine Kar Sakti hai.iss app ko use Karni Ka tariqa be bohat Asan hai.
August 07, 2019

What is Google AdSense?

Hello and welcome friends umaid hai app sab log kherayat se hongi ajj me ap ki leye ek naye blog ke sath hazir ho.
Ajj me app ko Google AdSense ke Bari me bataw o GA Ka Google adsAdSe kya hai


Google AdSense Google ki taraf se ek app hai Jo app iss ko free playstore se download Kar Sakti AdSense Ka website be AdSense se app money bhi hasil karsakti afseAdS se app apni website par advetadvertis laga Sakti hai

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

August 06, 2019

how to get money from youtube

hello dosto umaid hai app sab kheryat se hongi ag me app kelye ek naye blog ki sath hazir ho aur app ko batawga ka youtube se kese jaldi paise hasl kari
youtube pasie kamni ka ek asan tariqa ha likn jesa ki app ko malom hai ki hard work se he app ke mahnat ka phal melta hai iss leye agar app be youtube se zyada pasie kamna chati hai to din me taqribann 5 ya 6 yoitubes upload kari aur phir kamal dekye ap jald he youtube phar kamyab hogaye ge.
aur agar youtube phar views nahi ati to mayoos naho app apni videos ko group me taqseem kari aur phir ap ki videos phar views ayega.
August 06, 2019

how to get rid of smoking

hello friends smoking is one of the major causes of lung cancer in each year more than 480,000 people are died due to smoking.In the smoking of cigrette there are many poisonous substance are found in smoking cigrette like nicottine,tar,carbonmonooxide,etc.
these substances are very dangerous for human health.they causes many diseases like lung cancer,emphysema,asthma etc.
so how can get rid of this bad habits if someone want to close this bad habit he follows the following ways
1) avoid from those friends who gets smoking
2) drink more and more water
3)busy in your work
4)drink no alcohol
5)walking early in the morning