Friday, 9 August 2019


Human Brain is the central organ of human nervous system,it is located in the head.
Brain is a complex organ.The Human brain is divide into three major parts 1) fore brain 2)mid brain 3)Hind brain
so in Today's blog we discuss the first part of Human brain
The first part of human brain is fore brain

                           Fore brain is the first and main part of the brain.It is the anterior part of the brain.It can further be differentiated into three functional parts.
The first part is the cerebrum,thalamus and limbic system.
Thalamus carries sensory information especially from eyes and ears and generally from skin.
Under the thalamus there lies hypothalamus which is the part of limbic system.
TO it is attached a very important gland of the body,the pitutary gland.
The limbic system is located in the arc between the thalamus and cerebrum.This system processes the response like hunger,thirst,fear,anger,pleasure and sexual response.Portion of limbic system is also important in the formation of memories.
cerebrum is the largest part of the brain.It is divide into two halves called cerebral hemispheres.These halves communicate with each other by means of a large band of axon,called corpus collosum.the outer region of the cerebrum called cerebral cortex.
It receives sensory information ,processes it,stores some in memory for future use,direct voluntary moments,and are responsible for intelligence,thinking,reasoning,and decision making.speech center is also present in this part of the brain which is unique to Human brain.

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