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MS Word shortcut keys

MS Word shortcut keys

Control+C:   ==>   Copy text or graphics.
Twice Press Control+C:    ==>    Display the clipboard.
Select text press F2(you then move the insertion point and press ENTER):    ==>    Move text or graphics.
Alt+F3:   ==>   Create AutoText.
Control+V:   ==>  Paste the clipboard contents.
Control+Shift+F3:    ==>    Paste the spike contents.
AlT+Shift+R:    ==>    Copy the header or footer after used in the previous section of the document.

Change or Resize the Font:-

Control+Shift+F:    ==>    Change the font.
Control+Shift+P:    ==>    Change the font size.
Control+Shift+>:    ==>    Increase the font size by 2 points.
Control+Shift+<:   ==>     Decrease the font size by 2 points.
Control+]:    ==>    Increase the font size by 1 point.
Control+[:    ==>    Decrease the font size by 1 point.

MS Word shortcut keys

Apply character formats:-

Control+D:    ==>    Change the formatting of characters(font command, format menu).
Shift+F3:    ==>    Change the case of letters.
Control+Shift+A:    ==>    Format letters as all capitals.
Control+B:    ==>    Apply bold formatting.
Control+U:    ==>    Apply in underline.
Control+Shift+W:    ==>   Underline words but not spaces.
Control+Shift+D:    ==>    Double-underline text.
Control+Shift+H:    ==>   Apply hidden text formatting.
Control+I:    ==>    Apply Italic formatting.
Control+Shift+K:    ==>    Format letters as small capitals.
Control+equal sign:    ==>    Apply subscript formatting(automatic spacing).
Control+Shift+plus sign:    ==>   Apply superscript formatting(automatic spacing).
Control+spacebar:   ==>   Remove manual character formatting.
Control+Shift+Q:    ==>     Change the selection to the symbol font.

Set Line Spacing:-

Control+1:    ==>    Single-space lines.
Control+2:    ==>   Double-space lines.
Control+5:    ==>    Set 1.5-line spacing.
Control+0(zero):   ==>    Add or remove one line space preceding or paragraph.

MS Word shortcut keys

Align Paragraphs:-

Control+E:    ==>   Centre a paragraph.
Control+J:     ==>   Justify a paragraph.
Control+L:   ==>     Left align a paragraph.
Control+R:    ==>    Right align a paragraph.
Control+M:     ==>    Indent a paragraph from the left.
Control+Shift+M:     ==>    Remove a paragraph indent from the left.
Control+T:     ==>     Create a hanging indent.
Control+Shift+T:    ==>    Reduce the Hanging Indent.
Control+Q:    ==>    Remove paragraph formatting.

Moving Cursor:-

Home:    ==>    Go to the beginning of a comment.
End:    ==>    Go to the end of a comment.
Control+Home:    ==>    Go to the beginning of the list of comments.
Control+End:   ==>   Go to the end of the list of comments.

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