Types of Database - What are the Main Types of Database - Full Explanation of Databases

Types of Database - What are the Main Types of Database fully disscussed the types of database - what are the types of database...

Types of Database

Types of Database

There are different types of database:

1. Operational Database: 

These data bases store detailed data needed to support the operation of an entire organization. They are also called subject-area database (SADB), tracsiction database, and production database. Examples are customer database, personal database, inventory database etc.

2. Analytical Database:

These database store data information extracted from selected operational and external database. They consist of summarized data and information most needed by an organization's management and other end-user. They are also called management database or information database. Examples are decision support system and executive information system.

3. Data Warehouse:

A data warehouse stores data from current and previous years--data extracted from the various operational database of an organization. It becomes the central source of data that has been screened, edited, standardized and integrated so that it can be used by managers and other end-user professionals through out an organization.

Types of Database

4. Distributed Database:

This database is dispersed through an organization. This is a database of local workgroup and department at region office, branch office and other worksite. In this database data is stored physically across computers or a site at different locations is known as distributed database system. The computer in distributed database system are connected togather by data communication network.

5. End User Database:

Your own personal database. These database consist of a variety of data files developed be end-user at their workstations. Examples of these are collections of documents in spreadsheets, word processing and even downlaoded files.

6. External Database:

Database provide by online service/information. Access to external privetely owned online database as available for a fee to end-user and organization from commercial information service.

Types of Database

7. Text Database:

Database of document using computer to create and store electronically. This online database stores bibliography information such as publication enlarge text database. For example newspaper, magzine etc.

8. Image and Multimedia Database:

This database stores data in a text, image, sound, video. For example electronic encyclopedia are available on CD ROM disk that stores 1000 of animated video along with 1000 pages of text. 

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