Thursday, 8 August 2019

what is ozone?

Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen containing three chemically bonded oxygen atoms and its molecular formula is O3
The word ''ozone'' is derived from Greek word meaning smell and the name Ozone is was given due to its irritating odour.
Two forms of Oxygen are found in the stratosphere.Molecular oxygen which is made up two atoms of oxygen and ozone which is made of three oxygen atoms.
Ozone is formed when intensive ultraviolet radiation from the sun breaks down into two Oxygen atoms.These highly recative can then react with more to form ozone

There are some properties of ozone which are discuss as below
1) ozone is bluish in colour
2)it has a characteristic smell.
3)ozone is respiratory irritant
4)ozone causes rubber to harden and crack.

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