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Printer and Types of Printer



What is Printer - Types of Printer - Inkjet Printer - Laser Printer


Printer is an output device that prints character, symbols, and graphics on paper. The printed output is called hard copy. The resolution of print is measured in dots per inch (dpi). There are many types of Printers varying in speed and quality. Different types of printers as follows:
  1. Impact Printers
  2. Non-impact Printers

Impact Printers:

Impact printer works like a typewriter. It prints character or images by striking a print hammer or wheel against an inked ribbon. Impact printers are the following:

1. Dot-Matrix Printers:

Dot Matrix printer produces printed images when tiny pins on a print head strikes an inked ribbon. The ribbon presses when against the paper, then its created dots that form characters & graphics. The dot matrix printer head contains nine 24 pins. This number of pins depends on the manufacture and printer model. More number of the pins print more dots that increase the quality. Cheaper dot matrix printer uses 100 to 150 DPI. Their speed is from 200 to 300 characters per minute. The expansive printer used 300 DPI and a speed of 3000 to 1000 character per minute.

What is Printer - Types of Printer - Inkjet Printer - Laser Printer

2. Daisy-Wheel Printers:
Daisy wheel printers is similar to type writer. Its produce rather excellent letter-quality printout as compared with dot-matrix. They work just like the typewriter and use a hammer and a wheel to print something on paper. But they are not so popular and they are very much noisy and hence.

Non-Impact Printer:

Non-impact printer produces character without striking devices on paper. They are much quieter than impact printer. The following are the non-impact printer.

 a. Laser Printers:

The most expansive and quality bearer printers are the Laser printers, which produce high-quality printout and are used for desktop publishing and graphics. A Laser printer works in the principles of a Photocopier. Normally a metal drum called TONER is filled with the special type of ink which, just sprinkle ink onto the paper and thus prints the character. They are very fast and us multiple fonts for text and graphics.
Besides them now there are color printers available in dot matrix as well as laser printers and all others as well.

What is Printer - Types of Printer - Inkjet Printer - Laser Printer

b- Ink-Jet Printers:

It prints character and graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink on paper. These printers can produce text and graphics in both black-and-white and color. Inkjet printer is slower than laser printers. They can print 1 to 5 pagers per minute. Its quality is better than dot matrix. Most inkjet printer has usually two print cartridges: one containing black ink and other containing color.

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