Introduction to Word Processing - What is Manual & Electronic Word Processing

Word Processing - What is Word Processing - electronic word processing and manual word processing - the difference between electronic word processing & manual word processing...

Introduction to Word Processing

Introduction to Word Processing

Word Processing:

word processing program is used to produce letters, applications, and other documents. Word processing is used in business to generate different documents. word processing package provides toolbar which, display the shortcut button to make the editing. These packages provide word wrap, justification function. in word processing packages we can bold, underline the text. Text can be inserted and deleted. Block-editing tools can be used to move a block of text from one point to another point. The program search function can be used to find the user-specified word. Default format values are often supplied by the package, but they are easily changed.

Introduction to Word Processing

A word processing package may also include a spelling checker, thesaurus and mail merge. Word processing packages are MS Word, Lotus WordPro, World Star, word pad and word perfect these packages can convert all documents to HTML format for publication as web pages. End users and Organisation can use desktop publishing(DTP) software to produce their own printed material that looks professionally published. That is they can design and print their own newsletters, brochures, manuals, and book with several styles, graphics, photo, and colors on each page. word processing packages and desktop publishing packages like Adobe PageMaker is used to do desktop publishing.

Difference between Manual and Electronic Word Processing:

  1. The typewriter is used in Manual word processing
  2. Text once right cannot be changed. 
  3. Text cannot be formatted. 
  4. World wrap function is not available. 
  5. Text cannot be deleted are inserted. 
  6. Text cannot be moved from one location to another location. 
  7. Word cannot find or replace a word. 
  8. The spell check function is not available. 
  9. We cannot store text.
  1. The computer is used in electronic word processing
  2. Text can be changed. 
  3. Text can be formatted. 
  4. World wrap function is available. 
  5. Text can be inserted or deleted. 
  6. We can move text from one location to another. 
  7. Word can be found or replaced. 
  8. The spell check function is available. 
  9. Weekend star text.

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