Wednesday, 18 September 2019

How to get free skins in PUBG mobile

Hello friends
You know in this era people play games on both pc and mobile.there are alot of games friends which first release in PC and now can be playing in mobile phone as well.
In this mobile games the most enjoyable and the most played game is pubg present era this game is very popular every playes this game.
This game is full of adventure.There are many mood in this game horror mode or zombie mode are also one of the best mood

Friends there are alot of best weapons and skins of weapons are here in this game but friends today I am going to tell you that how you people can get free skins of weapons in this game so friends let's started.

friends there are alot of method in which you can achieve different skins of different weapons.But friends today I share the most easy and simple way in which you can achieve different skins of different weapons.

1) The first way is that use pubg carate for free skin when you open pubg carates you can achieve many things but in some carates you can also get free skins

2) Collect RP points rp points can be collected by joining royale pass.Reward will be given after you will be the winner.Collected points will give you prize that can be changed for free gun skins.

3) The bargen system,there is a bargan system in pubg mobile which can also give you free skins.

The above three methods are used for the skins of different weapons for free

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