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Today i am ready with a new interesting topic.This topic is full of adventure yes friends full of adventure.Hey friends i am taking about call of duty mobile.
Yes friends call of duty mobile this game is released recently and downloaded by twenty million people in which 80% people are from india.
This game is very unique and very interesting game than pubg.I think after some months later this game will more popular than pubg and playing all over the world.
call of duty is developed by timi studios and published by Activision for android and for ios.This game was released recently on 1 october 2019.This game is approxametly 1GB.
call of duty anncounced alot of great features in this game like weapons,helicopter,parachute etc.
This game is full of adventure like pubg mobile and free fire.I think after some days or months this game will rank all over the world.There are some great feature in this game which are discuss as below.

Call of duty have some great weapons like rocket loncher,AKM etc.These weapons shows that this game his a separate value.There are alot of more dangerous weapons are also found in this great game.
In upcoming updates of call of duty there are alot of more weapons will also added.
List of weapons in call of duty
a)Assault Rifles
b)Light Machinegun
c)sniper rifles
d)sub machine gun

There are alot of great vechiles which are found in this game.There are alot of amazing cars in this game.These vechiles included Tanks
helicopter,bugy,motercycle etc.
There are alot of more and more vechiles will also added in this game in new update.more and more amazing car are also added in this game in new update.There are also alot of new and best car are also found in this game.
This game is full of adventure.Helicopter added more adventure to this game.
There are also tank in this game.Tank also added adventure to this game this game is likely to added police mobile etc to this game.

This game alot of best parachutes or there are alot of beautiful and amazing parachutes are found in this game.
This parachutes have alot of different colours.These parachute are found in the colours of pink,orange,blue and also many more beautiful colours.
This game is full of adventure and more adventure will added to this game thier amazing graphics.

The graphics of this game is very very amazing and beautiful.This game have 3D graphics.The graphics of this game are more amazing than pubg and the upcoming update of call of duty this graphics will be more and more advanced.

There are alot of best skins are found in this game like pubg.there are alot of best skins found in this game like pubg this game have many skins like AKM skins,parachute skins etc.there are alot of more great skins in this game and some greatful skins are also coming in this game.

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