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Today i will talk about pubg mobile.Friends today i am going to share the best guide about pubg that how you get free skins in pubg mobile and how you people get BP and how you people can jump far away so friends keep read my topic.
Friends as we know that pubg mobile is one of the best game in the world and played all over the world.every country people play pubg mobile game.PUBG MOBILE is the best game ever this game is full of adventure.PUBG MOBILE is very interesting game this game is playing all iver the world but in Pakistan in India this game is playing more than from the other countries.
There are alot of questions about Pubg game that how we van get free UC or how we get free skins of weapons or we jump far away etc.Friends today i am going to solve all of your problems and today i will briefly discuss all of your above problems so friends lets started.

Friends there are alot of questions about that how we can get free UC in pubg mobile.Friends there are no way to get free UC in pubg mobile but dont worry friends I knew two best tricks in which you can get free uc in PUBG mobile.
The first method is that go to playstore and download wegame app.
after downloading wegame app sign in,in your facebook accouct after signing in,in your facebook account you will recive the confirmation message.After reciving confirmation message go to your pubg mobile and send your id and nickname to the account from which you recive the confirmation message after that you will recive the congratulations message that you select in lucky draw.
When your name comes in lucky draw they will give you your free UC.
The second method is that as we know in south korea the pubg mobile gave free UC so easily you can download any VPN after downloading VPN connectb your VPN to south kore after connceting VPN you will recive the free UC in pubg mobile.

NOTE: The first method is only available in India you can also use vpn for the first method

Friends there are alot of method in which you can get Free skins in pubg mobile but today i share some of the best tricks in which you can get free skins in pubg mobile.
The firsr method is that use PUBG carate for free skins.when you use Pubg carates there are alot of chances that you can win the amazing skins of different weapons.
2)In second step collect RP points RP points can be collected by joining royale pass.Reward will be given after you will be the winner.Collected points will give you points that can be change for free gun skins.
3)The bargan system,There is a bargan system in Pubg mobile which can also give you free skins.
Friends the above three methods are the best method for free skins in pubg mobile.

Friends i also wanted to tell you that how you people jump far aways in pubg mobile here are the following steps in which you can jump far away.
1)Move towards a window and standing very close to the window.
2)jump high enough that your characters head can hit the top of the window frame or high enough that they can stand on it.
3)crouch,so you can fit through the window while moving forward.
If you want to complete your distance quickly when you jump from parachute.Press the forward button you will complete your distance quickly.

Friends today i wanted to clear all the problems about pubg mobile that how you people can collect the BP points.
First of all you need to complete all the mission in pubg mobile when you complete the mission in pubg mobile you can collect your free BP points in pubg mobile.
The second step is that complete all the achivement when you collect all the achivement you will be rewarded from BP points.

so friends this is our topic about PUBG mobile if you have other problems about anything you can contact freely.
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so friends this is the ultimate guide about the pubg mobile that how you can get free skins and how you can collect free bp points.
In this topic i talk about everything in pung mobile.Friends please supporting us thanks.
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